thinkorswim 1.0

Real-time financial trading and monitoring suite
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Conduct financial transactions for trading operations in the application supporting online access, live streaming and monitoring of the news. Instant replies, quick operation initiation and market access, record keeping and archiving are among the available options.

thinkDesktop can be run using either "real" or "paper" (fake) money. In the paperMoney mode every user has two virtual accounts each funded with $100,000 of "play money". Enjoy all of the same features except that the trades aren't real and you can start over anytime you like.
A state-of-the-art system for monitoring, analyzing and trading equities and option derivatives - efficient, feature-packed and powerful. Java-based, browser-less application checks every time you log into it for any software updates and then updates itself.

thinkDesktop is designed to work on virtually all modern computer systems (which have a Java 2 runtime environment) but before you download and attempt to install the software platform make sure your computer meets our minimum hardware and operating system requirements.


Operating System: - XP/Vista
Processor - 2.0G Pentium
four class - Dual core class 2.0G or faster
RAM - 2GB+
HD Free Space - 50MB
Display Resolution - 1024 x 768

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